Road To Acceptance

If you ever decide to form a band, chances are…

It all starts off by meeting someone who likes the same music as you or maybe you play the same instument in the high school band. Soon you’re hanging out at each others house playing guitar or maybe you start writing songs together.

Before you know it you’re playing your first gig. You organize a house party and invite all your friends. You tell them to bring everyone they know – only five people show up. You continue playing shows wherever ANYONE will listen – whether it be in somebody’s back yard or on a piece of cement behind your school.

Eventually more people start showing up to your shows, so you decide it’s time to record your first EP – from the computer in your bedroom. Then a friend offers to be your band manager and someone helps make your first band tshirt. Before you know it, you’re booking shows at bigger venues – and your fan base keeps growing.

At this point one of one of two things happen:

  1. Your band eventually fizzles out (usually) within a year or two and everyone goes their seperate ways.
  2. You get offered a record deal

This is how most successful artists in today’s music industry got their start. They started off with cheap instruments and barely enough money to pay for rent. Now they’re playing sold out shows at Madison Square Garden.

Keep moving forward and you will go far.

Nothing is impossible…

Support local music.

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